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Guaranteed Pickering, ON pest control with a full 1-year warranty.

We Put an End to Your Pickering, ON Infestation

There’s nothing like having a pest problem in Pickering, ON. No matter whether it’s at your home or your business, you know that for every ant or roach you see, there are 100 more hiding just out of sight. And that’s where Cain Pest Control comes into the picture. We know exactly where pests like to lay their nests and our eradication services are designed to handle not only the pests you see, but also the hidden ones as well.

That’s why Cain Pest Control offers an impressive 1-year warranty for all of the pest control work we do in Pickering, ON. When you call us, we want you to be happy with every aspect of our service and in even complex cases, our team will keep coming back until we’re both satisfied that your pests are gone. Whether it’s getting rid of a small flea problem from pets in the home to a bed bug infestation in a hotel, we’re up for the task.

At Cain Pest Control, we understand how frustrating and difficult a pest problem in Pickering, ON can be. For exactly that reason, we offer quick, quality solutions at a price you can afford. And for calls that come in before 11am, we can usually get you same-day pest control services for a rapid answer to your growing pest issue.

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